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Welcome to the disgusting otaku streaming website! This resource is being hosted so foreign people (外国人) can watch anime from Japanese Television live online. Right now, we're broadcasting shows only from Tokyo channels, BS/CS channels are coming soon. If you want to help us, you can donate, so we may improve our website and afford better servers.

  • Minimum age - 18.
  • Maximum message length - 100 characters.
  • Sending links is prohibited.(Except YouTube, Google, Twitter, Imgur and
  • English is recommended language to write on.
In the menu under the chat is an option to change the color of the nickname.
You can find account deletion date located above the chat.
We store your account information for 24 hours. If you have not logged in before this time, your account will be deleted from our database automatically. After that, you can create new account.
At this moment, disgusting otaku broadcasts only anime series and occasionally some Japanese shows. We have an idea to create another project devoted only to TV shows.
We broadcast some Tokyo channels: NHK-G, NHK ETV, Nippon TV, TV Asahi, TBS, TV Tokyo и Tokyo MX. Soon we will start broadcasting some “direct broadcast via satellite” channels like BS11, AT-X and Animax.
We have two servers in the USA, one in Singapore, one in Europe and one in Russia. We have plans to create some additional servers in these regions and possibly, we will create some in other countries like Australia and South America. However, we do need your help. If you have funds to donate or if you want to help us with your own server — please, contact us via email
Firstly, you need to click on the gear button (Settings) with chat settings and then click on “Show chat” slider. By doing that you will turn chat on and off. By the way, you can change the opacity of the messages.
We need a “powerful” server to transform 1080p to 720p>480p>360p. As soon as we will have enough funds to create that type of servers, we will add transcoding to stream.
It is a complex problem to solve, but we will arrange something. If you are a good Japanese to English translator or can do English transcription, then please, contact us! :)
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